About Us

Boucher and Jones Fuels is a wholesale marketer for Petro-Canada serving Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Stratford, St. Mary's and surrounding Area.  

The company was originally established in 1960 by Bruce Boucher.  

In 1986, Dave Jones joined Bruce and "Boucher and Jones Fuels" was born.  

In 1997, Kevin Jones and Greg Cusimano became partners.   

In 2002 Boucher & Jones Fuels purchased Boehmers Fuels, one of oldest businesses in the region. 

Boucher and Jones Fuels carry the complete line of Petro-Canada products including: Home Heating Fuel, Gasoline,  Diesel Fuels (for Commercial, Farm, and Industrial purposes), and Lubricants.

We also operate a network of 5 Cardlock Sites in Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Fergus, and Stratford.

Our Head Office is located at:

155 Roger Street
Waterloo , Ontario  
N2J 1B1
Phone:    (519) 743-3669
Fax:        (519) 743-5419

Our Satellite Offices are located at:

191 Frederick Street
Stratford , Ontario 
N5A 3V6
Phone:   (519) 271-2031
Fax:       (519) 271-7640
584 Glengarry Crescent
Fergus , Ontario 
N1M 2W3
Phone:   (519) 824-3550
Fax:       (519) 843-6089
106 Guelph Street
Georgetown, Ontario 
L7G 3Z5
Phone:   (905) 877-6931
Fax:       (905) 877-6026